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UIImage - Track an event
When this element is pressed, send the following event to robotmia.
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UIImage - Track an event
When this element is pressed, send the following event to robotmia.
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Point & click analytics.
That's it.

Understanding what your users are doing doesn’t have to be a complicated setup process. Once you install our SDK, you can pick and choose which actions to track in your app. Have you ever wanted to know if people used the comment feature or tapped that button in your app? Just point and click to choose the interactions you want to measure. Now you can spend more time learning how to make your app better.

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The most advanced SDK
for iOS & Android apps.

The robotmia SDK that you put into your app is bullet proof. It knows how to deal with your app being offline so your analytics are accurate. It has a smart algorithm to reduce the amount of data it sends to keep your app snappy. It has a negligible footprint on your app’s size so users can download it quickly. It gives you complete control on the kind of personal information sent about your users. And it’s been used by some of the largest mobile apps for years.

Understand what you're analyzing.
Context matters.

Understanding what you’re measuring is just as important as measuring it. robotmia gives you a view to see exactly what you’re measuring because context matters when you’re making big decisions in your company.

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robotmia has an SDK you can install on every major platform including mobile.
Even if you get stuck, our smart and fast support team can help.

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